Another long post of me got a sponsored trip by Nuffnang. The trip is a 2D1N Genting Trip, and yeah is a very short trip and actually I can’t get enough of it besides rushing on the whole journey,I really miss those bloggers who are going to this trip too.

The other day, I was just awake from noon nap and I saw a missed call, and I thought it was a call from don’t know what company but for my curiousity, I actually went to GOOGLE the number and it shows NUFFNANG !! I was stunned at the screen for a moment and I quickly call back to them.
After hearing the good news of I am shorlisted to joing the 3rd Nuffnang evangelist Trip, I was like so happy and felt so unbelievable because I am not a G+ member and I actually got shortlisted by posting up the post about RWG *last few post of mine if you’ve noticed*